3 Ways a Defense Attorney can Help Your Business with Workmans’ Compensation

The laws that govern workers’ compensation are complex. When your employees are injured on the job, you have to know how to handle the workers’ comp claim process and everything that comes with it. Here are a few ways that hiring a defense attorney, like the team at Knezek Law, can help.

Assisting in Risk Management
An attorney can help you identify and address risks in your workplace, which will help prevent injuries and claims in the first place. This can mean adjusting policies or procedures at worksites, creating training programs for employees, ensuring employees know their rights and what to do if they’re injured on the job, etc.

At Knezek Law, our defense attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers with extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation claims and the responsibilities of both the worker and employer. Our attorneys are trained in risk management and know how to best protect your business from having any more workers’ compensation claims than necessary.

Providing Claims Defense
An attorney can be your business’s advocate when it comes to claims defense. They will help you navigate the laws and regulations regarding injured workers and ensure that your rights as an employer are protected.

At Knezek Law, our workers’ compensation attorneys handle disputed claims through advice to clients, assistance in discovery, representation through all phases of litigation in the effectively managed administrative courts, and all aspects of negotiation.

Identifying Fraud
In addition to helping you understand the law and make decisions about claims, an attorney can also help identify whether claims are legitimate or fraudulent. They can then help defend against workers compensation claims if they feel that one is being made with malicious intent.

At Knezek Law, we also assist in developing evidence of workers’ compensation fraud.

Workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to navigate for busy business owners. Hiring an attorney is the best way to protect yourself, your business, and your employees. If you are a workers’ compensation insurance provider or a self-insured employer in need of a workmans’ compensation defense attorney, contact the experts at Knezek Law.

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