3 Ways an Attorney Can Help Your Construction Business

Construction is a dangerous and complicated business. Between injuries, lawsuits, and fines from OSHA and other agencies, it’s easy for business-owners to get overwhelmed without some legal assistance. That’s why you should consider hiring an attorney, like the experts at Knezek Law, to help you navigate the legal aspects. Here are a few ways we can help:

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

Contracts are a crucial part of any construction project. An attorney can help ensure that your business is protected from legal issues by drafting or reviewing a contract before signing on the dotted line. An attorney can also advise you on how best to negotiate a contract so that it meets your needs while still providing enough protection for yourself and others involved in the project (including subcontractors). 

At Knezek Law, our construction law attorneys assist in negotiation, bidding and execution of building contracts. 

An attorney can settle disputes with subcontractors and suppliers

Disputes between subcontractors and suppliers can be expensive for you and your company. An attorney can help you avoid disputes by helping you negotiate a contract with your subcontractors and suppliers beforehand. If a dispute does arise, an attorney can assist in settling it quickly and efficiently so that it doesn’t impact your ability to continue construction on time or within budget.

Our experienced attorneys represent parties in legal disputes over commercial and residential development projects.

An attorney can help with construction safety compliance issues

Safety compliance issues can be complex, expensive, dangerous and time-consuming to resolve. An attorney can help you navigate these challenges by providing legal advice on how to handle safety compliance issues before they arise, helping you avoid violations from happening in the first place. An attorney can also represent your interests if an issue does occur.

A construction attorney can help your business with all kinds of legal issues, from drafting and negotiating contracts to settling disputes with subcontractors and suppliers. If you are a construction business in need of a legal team, trust the experts at Knezek Law.