How An Attorney Can Help Your School Board

School boards are a critical part of any school system. While they serve as both a governing body and a public trust, their role is generally limited to overseeing the operations of their district. Therefore, there are times when schools must consult school board attorneys when it comes to legal matters. As a member of the National School Board Association’s Council of School Attorneys, here are a few ways the attorneys at Knezek Law can help.

Injury and Employment Claims

Running a school in the state of Louisiana comes with liability. Leaders within the school system need to be diligent in making sure all the rules are being followed by teachers, staff members, and students. When something happens, Knezek Law can help. Our injury and employment-related services include:

  • Defense of Workmen’s Compensation matters
  • Transportation Law Defense for bus accidents
  • Tenure Hearings
  • Immigration Law for foreign teachers

Constitutional and Statutory Issues within the School System

Constitutional and statutory issues within the school system can be complex. Knezek Law can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, especially when it comes to:

  • Constitutional claims, including freedom of speech and religion
  • Statutory claims involving discrimination based on race, national origin, or gender
  • Defamation lawsuits against teachers who make false statements about students or parents
  • Claims arising out of sexual harassment or assault

General Counsel to School Boards

Our experienced attorneys also handle all general counsel matters for the school systems. These can include:

  • Overseeing Risk Management
  • Aiding in Human Resources
  • Providing legal advice and counsel to the school board, superintendent, and school principal
  • Ensuring compliance with federal law involving Title IX or affirmative action regulations
  • Handling disciplinary issues within the district and internal investigations
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors
  • Drafting policies and governing documents that define how an employee is expected to conduct themselves while doing business on behalf of the school or district


School boards across Louisiana need quality legal representation to ensure they are prepared and protected if issues arise. If you are looking for legal counsel for your school or district, contact the attorneys at Knezek Law.

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