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The Ins and Outs of Transportation Litigation

Transportation Litigations is Complex and Requires Experience

Businesses operating in the transportation sector are party to some of the most complex contracts, transactions, and logistical undertakings in the corporate world. A transportation law attorney provides counsel and strategic planning in all segments of the transportation industry. Transportation clients need litigation counsel who are not simply trial specialists but are also leading practitioners in transportation and logistics law.

Knezek Law assists in all aspects of transportation law including regulatory compliance and defense of transportation companies in train derailments, class action litigation, toxic tort defense, environmental claims, mass casualty, employee injuries, motor vehicle crossing accidents, collisions, general tort claims, and pedestrian accidents. Transportation representation includes maritime, railroad, trucking, transport, and aviation.

Regardless of a transportation company’s vigilance, there is always the potential for a crisis situation in the industry. Transportation law attorneys must be prepared to provide emergency response and crisis management services for their clients. Whether the circumstance involves a significant accident, fire, explosion, or chemical release, the first hours after such an event are critical from a liability management standpoint. Transportation attorneys work with their clients at every step to address the issues that may arise as a result of industrial accidents, personal injuries, or other catastrophes.

Knezek Law assists railroads, motor carriers and other transportation clients that maintain their own fleet of motor vehicles in complying with the numerous U.S. Department of Transportation and state regulations. All of our work is founded on a deep knowledge of the various federal and international regulatory and statutory regimes that govern the transportation industry. Our attorneys combine legal knowledge with experience. We have successfully represented clients in complex transportation litigations.

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