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Transportation Law

Our lawyers represent clients on a national, regional, and local level in transportation, trucking, shipping, cargo, railroad, and aviation businesses. The firm’s attorneys have successfully completed over a hundred trials in the transportation field. Several of our trial lawyers are members of esteemed organizations such as the American College of Trial Lawyers and the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.

Our lawyers defend their transportation clients in catastrophic injury, personal injury, wrongful death, and property loss claims as well as lawsuits on a local and national basis. Their experience includes handling all types of cases, from the multiple party catastrophic case that demands a seasoned trial lawyer with decades of experience to the more routine case involving smaller or moderate exposure that can be handled by a younger lawyer at lower rates.

We can assist our clients in the formation and interpretation of transportation contracts, especially where the issues include indemnification clauses, tenders of defense, insurance coverage, contract law, principal-agency, liability of brokers and shippers, and punitive damages.

The firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in assembling requisite teams of engineers, investigators and technicians. As trial attorneys, we have successfully protected the results of investigations from discovery utilizing available privileges and quickly addressing the areas of inquiry necessary to promptly evaluate an exposure following an accident.

A Unique Knowledge Of Transportation Regulations

Along with representing transportation companies in litigation matters, our firm has a strong understanding of the federal regulations that marine, aviation, and railroad corporations must comply with. From solving FAA certification issues to making sure a marine vessel company properly transports its employees onshore and offshore, Knezek Law can help transportation companies make sure they remain compliant with all federal regulations.

Knezek Law also represents aviation businesses concerning regulatory matters and FAA/NTSB enforcement cases. This practice includes help with and/or investigations of pilot, mechanic, airline, airport, flight school, and charter certification matters.

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