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Our litigators are distinguished by the fact that they routinely try cases before judges and juries. We are also aware that a trial is not the only way to resolve a dispute. With our clients’ ultimate objective in mind, we explore the pros and cons of litigation, as well as various forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and binding and non-binding arbitrations.

We are equally well regarded for our success in the conference room. We recognize that our clients seek a rational business solution at the earliest possible stage of a dispute. Our lawyers are adept at creating opportunities to resolve a matter through the strategic and effective use of early dispositive motion practice and targeted discovery. In the exercise of sound business judgment and experienced negotiation skills, we achieve results that advance business interests at the earliest possible juncture, before our clients needlessly commit resources to protracted litigation.

Our focus on our clients and their business also translates to our efforts to make litigation as cost-effective and cost-certain as possible.

Our partnering initiatives with our clients long have included a variety of alternative fee engagements in which we share directly in the risks of litigation. We are strong proponents of full technological integration so that the entire litigation team, including the client, have quick and easy access to all key litigation materials.

This is what sets us apart – Knezek Law operates with the same commitment and passion that our clients possess for quickly and compellingly addressing and resolving disputes. We make your problem our own and respond accordingly.

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