Understanding Transportation Law

At Knezek Law Firm, we are committed to helping companies across a wide range of industries remain compliant with state and federal transportation regulations. Our attorneys have years of experience in transportation law. We have a firm understanding of the legal issues our clients in the transportation industry confront and we will apply our years of experience and legal skills to your advantage. 

A transportation law attorney provides counsel and strategic planning in all segments of the transportation industry. Representative industry clients may include motor carriers; the passenger, air, water, and rail transportation segments of the transportation and logistics industries; and third-party logistics providers. More specifically, potential clients include private fleets, commercial vessels, airlines (both passenger and commercial), couriers, package, truckload, less-than-truckload, liquid and dry bulk carriers, public transit authorities, and the barge and shipping industries. In addition to the direct suppliers, potential transportation clients include the users of such services; i.e., industry insurers, transportation brokers, freight forwarders, and the like.

Our lawyers can help map the shortest route to success in transportation and logistics – business organization, contracts, compliance, and dispute resolution. Our full-service approach includes an analysis of all the legal issues and options available in transportation and logistics. 

Regardless of a transportation company’s vigilance, there is always the potential for a crisis in the industry. Transportation law attorneys must be prepared to provide emergency response and crisis management services for their clients. Whether the circumstance involves a significant accident, fire, explosion, or chemical release, the first hours after such an event are critical from a liability management standpoint. Transportation attorneys work with their clients at every step to address the issues that may arise as a result of industrial accidents, personal injuries, or other catastrophes.

Many legal exceptions apply to the transportation industry. Our extensive experience in waste and commodity transportation law allows us to quickly identify whether an exception will qualify in your situation, saving you time and money. We are also committed to representing clients in enforcement proceedings and litigating cases involving transportation and environmental issues.

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