Why You Should Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be wondering whether it is worth it to hire a bankruptcy attorney or just take your chances handling it on your own. Consumers may choose whether to hire an attorney or represent themselves in filing bankruptcy, but the numbers from the American Bankruptcy Institute are clear, hiring an attorney is a huge advantage.

  • Only one in 25 consumers using an attorney is denied a discharge when filing Chapter 7. One out of three who files on their own, do not receive a discharge.
  • Only about one in 50 consumers filing for themselves in Chapter 13, receives a discharge. Hire a lawyer and your chance for success is better than four-out-of-10.

Bankruptcy is a complex subject. Financial distress rarely happens overnight or unexpectedly. It’s usually a gradual process. Some of the obvious signs that bankruptcy might be in your future include:

  • Your credit cards are maxed out and debt is growing, not shrinking each month
  • You use credit cards to pay every day expenses like groceries, rent or utilities
  • You’re paying overdraft fees each month
  • Collection agencies are calling your house day and night
  • Creditors are suing you or threatening to sue over your unpaid debts
  • A job loss, divorce or medical setback turns your finances upside down

Our attorneys are good at making sure that your case gets through the process smoothly, thereby allowing you to take full advantage of your fresh start. Let’s look at a few things Knezek attorneys can help you with during the bankruptcy process.

Protection: Bankruptcy lawyers can offer you protection from harassment by creditors and collection agencies. Your lawyer can call your creditors and get annoying collection calls to cease, saving you time and stress and allowing you to focus on taking steps to regain your financial independence.

Paperwork: Bankruptcy lawyers can help you stay on top of your paperwork. The process of filing for bankruptcy includes a large amount of paperwork that, if not filled out correctly, can greatly complicate the filing process. A lawyer can help keep you on track with everything that is needed for your application and can offer you the legal advice that a document preparer cannot.

Preparation: Bankruptcy lawyers offer you their knowledge and experience. Without a thorough understanding of bankruptcy law, it may be difficult for you to go through the process alone. A lawyer can counsel you on how best to answer a judge’s questions, and will use their legal expertise to help you manage all of the necessary preparations. They can help protect you from making costly mistakes, like failing to disclose an asset or property that could result in losing it.

Hiring a competent, experienced bankruptcy lawyer to handle your case will save not only you a headache, but it may also end up saving you money in the long run when everything is completed properly the first time. Contact the bankruptcy attorneys at Knezek for answers to your Bankruptcy questions.