5 Things to Look for when Considering a Transportation Attorney

Knezek Law knows the importance of selecting the right transportation attorney for your business. A team of qualified individuals will help with strategic planning and logistics, identify potential issues before they become problems, be your first call during a crisis, and much more. They will be a crucial part of your team and it is important to know who you’re working with. We have compiled a list of a few items to consider.


The best transportation attorney will put their clients first. This will be obvious from your first interaction. The transportation attorneys at Knezek Law are quick and responsive to every request, proactive in identifying potential issues, and will clearly and consistently communicate with their clients on a regular basis.

Relevant Industry Experience

The transportation attorneys at Knezek Law have a wide range of experience across multiple industries and are well versed in the ins and outs of state and federal compliance at every level.

Results from Previous Clients

An experienced attorney is only as good as the results they have achieved for their clients. Consider how many cases they have successfully defended and research their client history. Knezek Law’s successful cases and a wide range of long term clients are excellent signs of a team that can handle the load of whatever your business requires.

Continuing Education

The transportation industry is always evolving. The attorneys at Knezek Law will help you navigate the legality of it all and are knowledgeable about industry changes. Knezek Law makes continuing education a priority and its lawyers are members of professional organizations that allow them to be at the forefront in every aspect of the industry.


The transportation industry requires a range of professionals working together seamlessly to get a job done. When it comes to a trial, Knezek Law has the knowledge, skills and connections necessary to assemble a team of these professionals, engineers, investigators and technicians for your case.

While this is a shortened list to get you started, there is a plethora of criteria to consider when selecting the right attorney for your business. To learn more, contact one of the transportation attorneys at Knezek Law.